Welcome to Location Concierge’s – Haute Spots Blog! We are a unique location scouting company, serving a niche market in Southern California.

We scout venues for weddings, events, photoshoots and fashion shows. Our menu of services include: location scouting, booking and contract negotiation and help with permit filing. We also cater directly to the wedding market with fresh new ways to scout venues such as: scouting limo tours and DIY location seminars. Venues range from estates, hotels, rooftop and urban lofts to hidden city gems and “haute” spots.

You’ll benefit from our expertise if you’re looking to save time, money and find trendy or “off the beaten path” venues that fit individual or project based requirements – perfectly. By relying on Location Concierges to scout and negotiate on your behalf, you’ll appreciate the convenience of selecting the perfect location without the stress. See our website for more info!

We work with brides and individuals, wedding and corporate event planners, PR and Ad agencies, creative directors, photographers, producers and location scouts!

Contact us for more information: www.locationconcierges.com, email: locationconcierges@gmail.com, phone: 213-909-0084.


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